Common DIY Pluming Mistakes

Longmont PlumberThere are many plumbing problems that can be fixed by a homeowner.

Hiring a plumber is costly, therefore homeowners are often prone to try and fix plumbing issues themselves. Make sure you have updated code and follow the codes so you can pass inspection.

Try not to rush the job, rushing leads to sloppy work and leaky pluming.

Having the right supplies is also important. There are some major mistakes that should be avoided. Here are a few tips on some of the most common and potentially dangerous mistakes you need to avoid.


Water runs downhill so pipes must be leveled correctly, if they are not chances are you will have to redo it. Using a level is simple and quick. Skipping this step will create major problems and costly repairs.

Slopes for drains need to be a 1/4″ per foot. Anything beyond that needs to be made with 45 or 90 degree fittings. Do not bend the pipes to get your slope.

Pipe Fittings

One of the most common mistakes in DIY plumbing is incorrect placement of pipes. Just because two pipes fit together doesn’t mean they should be together. When fitting pipes together pay attention to size and material.

If it is necessary to fit two different pipes together you need to use the proper fitting. If a metal pipe is fitted to a copper pipe the connection will corrode quickly causing leaks. Proper connections and materials will insure no leaks later.

Vent PipesLongmont Plumber

Vent pipes are placed on the roof of your home to let the gases escape. If they are not properly installed a gas leak will fill the home with a potentially deadly gas. Vent pipes must be place 10 ft. from or 3 ft. above windows and air intakes.

Placement is important to your families well being as well as being able to pass inspection. If your home has sky lights treat them as if they were a window and follow the 10 ft, away and 3 ft. above rule.

Plumbing can be done safely and efficiently by homeowners if they follow the codes, have proper materials, and take some time to research their problems and the proper fix. Plumbing takes both time and patience.

If you’re having trouble with your plumbing, put the tools down! Don’t put your Longmont home in danger, invest in the plumbers of Drain Solvers by calling (303) 423-1000. 

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  1. Great tip about making sure that your vent pipes are clean of gasses. I need someone who can check the venting and kitchen pipes. I’ll have to hire a plumber with proper certification.

  2. I agree. Pipe lining uses epoxy resin. The resin is cured within your pipeline and creates a more durable pipe without replacing your whole system. Thanks to the resin, property owners save resources like copper and steel by creating a stronger pipe within their already-existing one.

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