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Professional drain cleaning services are highly important to the longevity of your plumbing systems. Our expert team at Drain Solvers has been providing customers with top-of-the-line care since 1997, because we understand just what it takes to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience inside your home or commercial property. Making sure that your drains are functioning properly and scheduling routine cleanings will help you to avoid more serious plumbing complications down the line. Never underestimate how large an issue can get if it is not detected and taken care of in a timely fashion.

When you need a fast, on-time drain cleaning rooter service you can count on the professionals from Drain Solvers. From blocked drains to trench-less sewer replacements, Drain Solvers is the trusted choice in tens of thousands of homes for over 20 years. Discover how Drain Solvers can help you today.

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

  • Hair
  • Dirt and debris
  • Soap, detergent and shampoo buildup
  • Grease buildup
  • Sewage backup
  • Tree Roots
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  • Equipment: We use drain cleaning cable machines for normal stoppages. We also have high pressure sewer jets for those instances when a cable just won’t do. A hydro-jetter uses high-pressured water to remove debris and build-up along drainpipe walls. They can drastically improve the condition of your drainage system.
  • Sewer Scope Camera Inspection: The Drain Vision system is a remote control camera made for entering sewer lines. This enables us to go deep inside the pipe and visually inspect the entire length from house to roadway. If we locate a problem early enough it can save you from having to dig up the yard and replace your entire system.
  • Bio-Smart™: Bio-Smart is a safe, environment-friendly drain cleaning powder. It’s used as a regular maintenance product to prevent build-up along drain pipe walls, preventing costly stoppages and repairs. Septic tank owners should know that Bio-Smart helps prevent overflow problems by decomposing waste in a more safe and efficient manner.

What are the benefits of this service?

Dealing with recurring clogs can be a frustrating and time consuming process. Some customers may try to handle them on their own using plungers or over the counter drain cleaning products, which will only provide a temporary fix and may actually do more harm than good. If a clog is left to sit for a long period of time it will only get bigger and can eventually lead to a destructive backup in your home or commercial property.

This backup will not only ruin various things inside your residence, but it is also highly unsanitary and may even lead to health related issues. Professional drain cleaning services from the experts at Drain Solvers, LLC will ensure that any buildup or obstructions in your pipes are cleared so you can be confident in a fully functioning plumbing system.

What are some simple ways to avoid clogs in the future?

The use of drain screen cannot be stressed enough, you should have one in every sink, shower, and tub inside your home. When we bathe some hair has tendency to make its way down the pipes and will eventually lead to a clog, but with a screen you can trap it and then dispose of it in the garbage can after you are done. The same goes for your kitchen sink, food and other unwanted objects can end up in your plumbing if the use of a screen is not implemented. Lastly, be careful what you put down your toilet, adhere to proper regulations and simply use toilet paper. Be careful though, even toilet paper that is too thick can end up clogging your system.

For the most effective drain cleaning services in your area, contact Drain Solvers, LLC at (970) 461-1302.

What Not to Put Down Your Clogged Drains

  • Never use off the shelf chemical drain cleaners, bleach, solvents or any other caustic substances in your drains. These chemicals in your drainage system can cause serious damage to your pipes. Always let your technician know you used any chemicals, to protect the person doing the work and your property.
  • Do not mix chemical drain cleaners as they could cause a dangerous reaction.
  • Only use bio-degradable drain treatments.
  • Learn about the most effective Drain Cleaning treatments, call today

DIY Clog Maintenance Tip

To help prevent major backups and clogs in your home, try using a drain catcher to catch physical debris. To help clear minor clogs in your drains, pour a mixture of hot water, baking soda and vinegar down your drains. If neither of these work, its best to call a professional plumber to come snake your drains and clear any clogs before they get worse.

What are 3 signs that you need professional drain cleaning services?

Extended draining: When sinks, showers, tubs, and even toilets take a long period of time to empty out, this likely indicates that a clog is forming. If you do not take advantage of our professional drain cleaning services the clog with eventually prevent drainage altogether.

Multiple clogs: First it’s your kitchen sink that gets stopped up, then the problem moves onto the bathroom, and before you know it you are dealing with clogs all throughout your home. This typically indicates that there is a major obstruction deep down in your main line. This needs to be taken care of right away before you are faced with a sewage backup that could cause severe damage to your property.

Bad odor: While the problem could just be that there is food or some other foul smelling object stuck in your drain, the issue could potentially be more serious and may even result in a sewage backup if professional drain cleaning services are not performed.

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