Water and Sewer Leak Detection

Water and Sewer Line Leak Detection Services

Searching for advanced water and sewer line leak detection services? Call the reliable staff at Drain Solvers 

Some water leaks can go unnoticed for an extended period of time and continue to cause damage that you aren’t even aware of yet. That is why the knowledgeable team of professionals at Drain Solvers, LLC offers our specialized water leak detection services to all of our valued customers.

It is our commitment to make sure that you are protected against the damaging effects of a hidden water leak and that the issue will be resolved promptly and affordably. Our promise is that you will be 100% satisfied with the end result of our services, and that is a promise we aim to keep.

Water Leak Detection Services Longmont Co
Leaking broken water pipe

What are the causes of hidden water leaks?

  • Corrosion: As pipes in your home or commercial property age they will begin to deteriorate, when this occurs one or several small leaks may spring up and will only get worse over time.
  • Freezing pipes: The consequences of a frozen pipe can be disastrous. A small leak is the least of your worries, as the whole pipe may rupture spreading water throughout your entire residence.
  • Poor installation: If a previous plumber installed your pipes and did not possess the skill and care that that our specialists at Drain Solvers, LLC do, you may wind up with a problem on your hands. A poorly installed piping system can lead to severe floodwater damage inside your home or building.
  • Cracks: Whether from normal wear and tear or some other underlying issue cracks in your pipes will cause water to leak out, and as the cracks widen you could be faced with a full blown flood.

What are the causes of hidden sewer line leaks?

  • Old and decaying sewer lines: Believe it or not sewer lines installed 30 years ago were made of clay.  These lines crumble over time from compression and tree roots.
  • Tree roots: The roots from the trees actually seek out the nutrients in your sewer line.  The roots enter thru the joints of the line and wriggle their way in.  This is a chronic problem that goes on for decades.   Sooner or later you have a compromised sewer line leaking sewage into the surrounding soil and completely blocking your sewer line.

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