Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Longmont Drain CleaningDrain cleaners are chemical solutions that are strongly acidic and powerful enough to clean out the toughest stains. Homeowners pour these chemicals down drains and sewer pipes in order to clear out debris.

What many of them do not know is that many of these products are toxic and dangerous. Swallowing the substance could burn your throat and cause serious damage, while simply breathing in the fumes could make you sick. Know about the dangers of using common drain cleaners and what you can do to avoid them.

Inhalation is Dangerous

Inhaling dangerous fumes is known to cause unconsciousness or even death. Many people have inhaled large amounts of carbon monoxide, passed out and never woken up again. It does not seem like a big deal, but leaving the bottle open and sniffing it constantly is dangerous to your respiratory system. If you already have a respiratory illness, you could exacerbate the symptoms.

Accidental Swallowing is Deadly

Highly concentrated amounts of the very powerful sulfuric acid are found in drain cleaners. This acid dissolves fats and proteins in an instant. With enough of this acid, expect to melt away the insides of your pipes eventually. So, when you swallow a chemical containing this acid, you could end up with deadly results. If you accidentally consume more than a cupful, you could be rushed to an emergency room or poisoning center. With something that destructive in a bottle, reconsider using it to clean the drains.

Splashing in the Eyes is Serious

Splashing any chemical in the eyes is a serious issue that most people know about. Splashing a powerful acidic cleaner in the eyes could lead to permanent blindness or serious eye injuries. When this accident happens, flush out your eyes for at least 20 minutes. However, this step is not always guaranteed to work. Hardly anyone wears goggles when using drain cleaners, so this accident is very likely to happen.Longmont Plumber

If you are concerned about the dangers of drain cleaning chemicals, plan to contact a plumber instead of visit a store. You can find a plumber who avoids all drain cleaners and only uses solutions that are safe, effective and non-toxic to all humans, animals and environments. These professionals use a wide range of techniques that are superior to chemical drain cleaning. There is no need to be worried about the safety of you or your family when you invest in a safe, efficient plumber.

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  1. I’ve tried some of these chemical drain cleaners and I’ve had not much luck with them. Now as you said, they do also pose some high health risks as they are quite toxic. The next time that I have a clogged drain, I’ll for sure seek out a professional as they would have much more safe and efficient methods of cleaning the drains.

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