How Simple DIY Plumbing Projects Can Go Wrong

Many homeowners take on small DIY plumbing projects because it appears that these could actually save them money instead of seeking the help of a professional plumber.

In many cases, the time invested going back and forth to the hardware store to get the right parts, plus damage to the parts, could in the end be much more costly. Here are some simple DIY plumbing projects best left to those with the experience and knowledge to complete the job correctly the first time.

New Bathtub Installation

Placing a new jacuzzi bathtub in the bathroom seems simple enough, once the housing is correct, drop in the tub and connect the fittings. The instructions do not take into consideration however that once the tub is secure in place, you had better have left enough space to work or you will never be able to connect the water lines correctly.

These fittings might not be near the surface, so if you need to get near the underside of the tub and it is seated tightly, you have a serious problem on your hands. This is something a knowledgeable local plumber has experience with and can repair very easily.

New Kitchen Sink Installation

Whether you are renovating the entire kitchen or just updating the sink, this seems like one of those DIY plumbing jobs that should be a breeze. Once you start trying to fit the new sink is when all the trouble begins.

The lines to the sink can be challenging to fit, and the seating of the sink is not as simple as it looks. If the sink was moved, you need to adjust for the new line length, and attach it correctly or those pressurized lines will leak quite easily.

New Hot Water Heater Installation

Updating the hot water heater to a more energy efficient unit is very cost effective. The problem is that this DIY plumbing project just looks too simple. It isn’t until you begin cutting the pipes, then having to solder them back together do you realize this is not a simple fix. The lines must be sealed properly in order for the water heater to operate at peak performance.

The water heater is extremely fragile, and those complicated electrical elements inside can damage easily if the unit is not handled with extreme care. Your local plumbing professional can completes these projects in a fraction of the time, and save you money in the long run when the project needs updating.

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