Slab Leak and Foundation Repair Services

Searching for proficient slab leak repair services? Contact the accomplished plumbers at Drain Solvers, LLC at (303) 423-1000. Click here to see what discounts are currently being offered on our services.

Slab Leak Repair Services Longmont,Co

As you never see a slab leak you could be dealing with one right now without even knowing it. At Drain Solvers, LLC we aim to protect you from this destructive problem by locating the leak and stopping it right in its tracks. We have been serving customers in and around Longmont since 1997 and it is our friendly demeanor and vast experience that keeps our clients coming back time and time again. We also aim to educate you on the signs that a slab leak is occurring, as well as how to avoid future complications. If you believe you are dealing with a slab leak don’t waste any time, get in touch with our expert staff today.

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