What are the Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning?

When pipes become clogged to the point that debris can no longer be broken up or dissolved, it is time for a professional plumber to clean the line.

That kind of costly repair call can easily be avoided with an annual drain cleaning service from a professional. Here are just some of the benefits of making the call and scheduling your annual drain cleaning.

Finding Potential Trouble Early

When you have a local professional plumbing company in your home at least once a year to clear the drains, they will be inspecting the inside of the pipes while working. With years experience comes the ability to be able to spot potential trouble while it is still just a minor repair.

Small cracks, debris accumulation, and leaks, are all quick repairs that can turn into significant plumbing emergencies if they are not addressed early. An annual drain cleaning is often easily paid for over time, as small and virtually undetectable subtleties are fixed before they become catastrophic.

Extending the Life of the System

Each year when the plumbing company comes to your home and cleans the drains, they are removing contaminants from the inside that could be eating away at the integrity of the pipes. Over time, those contaminants destroy the strength of the pipes, causing them to need replacement much more frequently.

If the lines were not cleaned annually, the pipes would not last as long as they should, costing you a significant amount of money in replacement parts. As long as the drains are cleaned annually, your plumbing professional will be able to keep a close eye on issues and address in a timely manner.

Keeping Your House Safer

When you start to see the water in the sinks backing up, first impulse is to pour liquid drain cleaners down the drain to break up the clog. These toxic chemicals can destroy the fine finish on your fixtures, eat away at the inside of the pipes, and release toxic gas into the home that your family breathes.

If the clog is too severe to be broken up by the liquid drain cleaner, it sits on top of that clog, while eating away at the pipe it sits in contact with, allowing the gas to travel up and into your home air. Call a professional, and they can get it done safely, quickly, and correctly the first time!


Get the drains of your Longmont home cleaned and inspected before it’s an emergency! Call Drain Solvers at (303) 423-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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