10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Bathroom remLongmont Remodelingodeling projects provide a variety of functional and aesthetic features. Several improvements from a professional installer could increase the value of your home as well.

Shower Upgrades to Your Bathroom

If you currently have a standard shower head in your bathroom, a licensed professional could provide certain design elements that are more comforting.

Jets may be installed within the walls that surround your shower. Having multiple shower heads will improve the appearance of a basic shower design. While showering, you might enjoy the feeling of multiple shower jets on your body.

Overhead shower systems are visually appealing. Converting your existing unit to an overhead shower system could enable you to mimic bathing in the rain.

Tile upgrades can improve the appearance of your bathroom. If large portions of your shower area are covered with vinyl or drywall, you might like the look of certain tile selections. Bathroom tiles are available in an assortment of colors and textures. Tiles may be installed on surfaces such as your shower walls, shower floor and other areas within your bathroom.

Shower enclosures may be upgraded as well. Plastic doors may be replaced with a variety of glass enclosures. A bathroom remodeling expert can professionally install a glass door or make modifications to the shape of your existing shower frame.

One-piece shower units may be installed to quickly cover an unattractive bathing area. Many one-piece shower units are made with acrylic materials. You may request a one-piece shower unit with various design features, colors and seating options.

Remodeling With Bathtub Upgrades

Sunken bathtubs are inviting features to display in a home bathroom. Additionally, you can relax and enjoy soothing bathing experiences in a sunken bathtub. A professional plumbing company can replace an older tub with a style that you prefer.

Antique bathtubs may be added to complement certain themes that are reflected within your bathroom. Replacing a cast iron tub with an antique bathtub could make your bathroom appear more attractive.

Jetted bathtubs will certain improve the look and feel of your bathroom. Your family and friends might envy the appearance of a professionally installed jetted bathtub. Visitors might imagine taking a hot bubble bath in a jetted tub. A licensed plumber has the expertise to properly install a jetted tub in your bathroom.

Fixture Upgrades in Your Bathroom

Granite counter tops may be added to improve the elegance of your bathroom. Hiring a professional will ensure that areas of your vanity are properly sealed against moisture, air and leaks.

Faucet upgrades could improve the appearance of your bathroom. Faucets are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

A local plumber is the recommended professional for remodeling projects that enhance the look and feel of bathroom areas within your home.


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