Repiping Services

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The pipes in your home or building are part of a very important and intricate system. When pipes become damaged they can cause floods, property damage, and even health problems. The plumbing specialists at Drain Solvers have been helping customers maintain the integrity of their pipes since 1997. Whether you need only a section of your pipe switched out or have to replace the entire system we will be there. Our professionals use only the best and most reliable materials so that you never have to worry about future problems occurring.

What are some common signs that you need repiping services?

  • Constant repairs: If your pipes continue to face one repair after the other the more cost-effective solution would be to have them replaced.
  • Corrosion: The build up of limescale in your system will only get worse over time, decreasing your water pressure and even causing clogs. Do not let this continue, inquire about our expert repiping services.
  • Age: If your system is very old it is likely deteriorating and will eventually break down causing a massive flood. Don’t wait until you are faced with this serious and destructive problem before contacting Drain Solvers for a whole-house repipe.
  • Weather damage: Pipes can burst during very cold weather, when this occurs you will need the help of a caring plumbing team to get the situation back under control.

Why do galvanized steel pipes need to be replaced?

Galvanized steel pipes are typically found in older homes and buildings, but we have since learned that they can be quite problematic. These pipes have a tendency to rust and corrode very quickly, which could cause a flood if you do not have them replaced. They also clog quite easily, decreasing the water pressure inside your home or commercial property. Do not wait for your galvanized system to fail, get in touch with our plumbing specialists for a whole-house repipe.

Why do polybutylene pipes need to be replaced?

Once again this was a type of material that was used many years ago and has since been discovered to be very poor. Polybutylene pipes were made of a type of plastic that can disintegrate very easily. Premature pipe failure can cause severe property damage and put you and your loved ones at risk. At Drain Solvers we want to protect from this serious issue at all costs, which is why we strongly encourage you to schedule a whole-house repipe.
What are some benefits of copper and PEX pipes?

Both copper and PEX pipes are highly durable and are far more resistant to natural occurrences like intrusive tree roots in search of water or premature bursts due to extremely cold weather. They both last considerably longer than other materials and are less susceptible to corrosion. PEX pipes are highly flexible making them much easier to install and they are also very affordable. Copper pipes can be used for both hot and cold fresh water lines and drain-waste vent lines as well. If you have any additional questions regarding copper or PEX pipes, contact our knowledgeable staff today.

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