Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Services

In need of a garbage disposal installation and repair service in the Loveland through Denver area? Contact the licensed and dedicated plumbers at Drain Solvers at (970) 461-1302.

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We often neglect to realize how much we actually use our garbage disposal until it is faced with a problem. Garbage disposals help to maintain the cleanliness of our kitchens and even eliminate certain health problems that can be caused by raw food that is left to linger. At Drain Solvers, LLC our conscientious professionals want to  make sure that your unit continues to function optimally and if any problems arise we are there to help.

Since 1997 we have been providing dedicated service to the residents of the front range and we won’t leave until you are completely satisfied with the job that has been performed.

Our Garbage Disposal Installation Guarantee

If your new Drain Solvers installed garbage disposal fails within the warranty period, Drain Solvers will fix it at absolutely no charge — and that includes labor! We are talking ANY failure, not just leaks! If your Drain Solvers installed garbage disposal fails on the very last day of your warranty, Drain Solvers will install a brand new garbage disposal unit for FREE. No questions asked and labor is included!

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Common Reasons for Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are a modern luxury that can be taken for granted. We want our customers to know some of the most common reasons why their garbage disposals break so they can avoid a potentially costly repair in the future. Here are some of the most frequent problems our plumbers see in homes:

  • Damage caused by lack of running water when grinding
  • Old equipment that needs to replaced
  • Bent, damaged, or broken fly wheel
  • Improper maintenance and care
  • Too much food being put into the disposal

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take the DIY garbage disposal tips below to help prevent unnecessary repairs in the future.

DIY Garbage Disposal Tips

  1. Avoid Larger Size Garbage Avoid putting anything large down your drain. If you can, you should always throw and scraps or trash in the real garbage. Items like grease, oil, pasta, potato skins and egg shells should also be avoided.
  2. Always Run Water Running cold water when you run your garbage disposal will help get rid of waste as it becomes ground and help reduce clogs. It also works to lubricate the motor, bearings and blades. Run for at least 30 seconds after you stop the disposal.
  3. Use Ice Cubes Ice cubes help clean the sharp-edged blades and ensure your waste is being properly ground. Don’t forget to run cold water still!
  4. Grind Orange Peels If your disposal starts to smell, try putting some citrus or orange peels down the drain. Remember, the rinds should be cut small and the water should be running.

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal for Your Home

Garbage disposals come in many shapes, sizes and features today. There is no one-size-fits-all solution like there was 20 years ago. Our plumbers will help you determine which garbage disposal will best meet your usage and feature requirements. With the plethora of options, this is the best bet to ensure you will be happy with your purchase.

What are some common garbage disposal problems?

Any garbage disposal could jam at some point if you are not careful, and this usually happens when destructive food items like chicken bones or corn husks are placed down the system. It is important to know what you can and cannot put into your unit, but if an issue still occurs the professionals at Drain Solvers, LLC are here to help. We will come out and typically remove your masher plate and discard of any harmful objects.

If your garbage disposal starts making a lot of noise, this could be caused by the blades grinding up against lost silverware or some other metallic object, and will need to be removed as well. If you are dealing with a leaking system it could be as simple as a loose screw or gasket, but in some cases the problem could be more severe and warrant the need for a replacement unit.


When should you repair or replace your unit?

Issues like a clogged pipe or disconnected wiring can typically be solved through repairs, but as problems become more serious it may be time to start thinking about installing a new garbage disposal. Issues like a damaged motor would call for replacement, which is oftentimes the more cost-effective solution. If your older unit has broken blades or other necessary components that are destroyed, you should probably opt for replacement, because outdated parts can be hard to find and in many cases are quite expensive. Additionally, an old unit that continues to require repairs is slowly breaking down and your best option is to install a more efficient unit for your home or commercial property.  Click here to save even more on our services.

More simple maintenance tips…….

  • Be aware of all items that are not meant to enter your disposal.
  • Always run water while your system is in operation and afterwards to ensure all food has been washed away.
  • Placing ice in your garbage disposal and turning it on will keep the blades sharp.
  • If you want to eliminate any odors that are coming from your unit be sure to put some lemons into your garbage disposal and grind them up for a more pleasant scent.

We would also like to mention that garbage disposal issues should never be handled on your own, as it could be very dangerous. If you are dealing with a problem be sure to get in touch with our highly trained plumbing specialists today.

For top-of-the-line garbage disposal services, call Drain Solvers, LLC at (970) 461-1302.

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